Fantasy Freebooting - the blog voyage

A log of the blogs! The following provides all seven of blogs that went on our first ever promo Fantasy Freebooting Blog Tour for A Freebooter's Fantasy Almanac - plus a bonus post which Jan Hawke's put up for us to round things out.
Some of these contain excerpts from the book, but most are giving people a flavour of the different aspects of Fantasy Freebooting...

Day 1 ~ Alter-egos, roleplaying and pen names…

Day 2 ~ A Pirate by any other Name?

Day 3 ~ Cover Story

Day 4 ~ To Bard, or not to Bard?

Day 5 ~ Fanfiction as Backstory

Day 6 ~ Introducing Janowyn, an Elven Rock Chick...?

Day 7 ~ Messing with Canon

and - just because we're generous like that here's a 

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