Taster #2

The River

There is a river of life
That is as cruel as it is kind. 
It will take you to new places 
And leave your past behind.

Its waters can taste sweet,
But just as soon run dry, 
And leave your soul embittered, 
Make your heart ache ’til you cry.

There are rapids wild and white 
That will toss and turn you round, 
They can strand you, tear you, rip you, 
Cruel currents beat you aground.

Then the river’s shallows all dappled, 
Shining bold with gold sunlight, 
Will dazzle you into thinking 
That the future still is bright.

Then just as you are thinking
That the rough race is almost done, 
The river flows on towards a void, 
Cascading falls, an end is spun.

Or maybe not, if you have the luck, 
You might find a calmer way, 
And travel through unscarred, alive, 
Fit to fight another day.

And even if you reach its end 
Unbeaten, proud and wise, 
There are great seas still to travel 
Wide, with lonely seabird cries.

So take care on this life’s river, 
Steer your course as fair and true, 
As you can, to hold it steady 
As you head out to yonder Blue.

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