Jano's Armoire Gallery

Part of the charm of being on a roleplay fan forum is the 'dressing up' so here's a series of snapshots of Jano's various manifestations and hangouts, starting with the avatars...


shiny rainbow elf - Dark Foo elf (yes, that is a flamethrower!)

at the Bard's Halls (the many incarnations of The Rainbow's End Tavern on LotRDreams/DreamWorlds) and more formal settings in the Guild Hall.


Wedding bells and heraldry as the House of the Silver Fish (Jano) and of Aranor (Silen) unite



some decorative designs for Jano's dowry gifts to Silen (she got the one on the right set into the hilt of her father's sword).

formal betrothal and nuptial portraits...

and Parth Aranor - their woodland pool-side home

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