Taster #1

Don’t worry about what freebooting is—that’ll be explained very soon if you’re not already familiar with the concept. For those of you who are, or at least know that ‘booting’ has something to do with going online (well computers anyway…), you’re on the right track, but it’s very much an inveterately human activity still.
As you can tell from the subtitle, this is a semi auto-biographical work, but the almanac assignment is a more truthful description of what goes on between the covers. This is because the tapestry of words contained within is essentially a series of snapshots taken during a lifetime’s journey, that encompasses one person’s struggles with health, achievement, emotion and, most of all, dreams and imagination. Yes, it’s me, me, me all the way through, but the fantasy twist is that often I’m behind a mask, or in shadow, or slipping a veil over things as I explore various personas and character facets. This may or may not be a conscious experience since we’re dealing with the Fantasia of Life and there’s been a fair amount of ‘making it up as I go’ action going on, alongside a great deal of ‘I have no idea what I’m doing’ prevarication.
All I can assure you of as you go further into this work of fiction, is that it doesn’t matter whether it really happened or not—life is as much a journey of the mind as one of physical experience, through a series of events and encounters in the ‘real world’. After all, even if you think you don’t believe in fantasy or magic, your dreams are not always yours to command, or even to remember, and science is still left with plenty of work to do in unlocking the secrets our brains’ conjure within all that mushy grey matter and electrical impulses. Freebooting is a fluid and undefined undertaking, much like setting forth into uncharted waters without a map of any real description, or even an idea of what to expect, which is why an almanac is always handy, if only to use as a journal to jot down the course you chart.

‘Magic always happens for a reason, wherever and however it is created. Inside the fantasy, or springing from it...’ Sîan Glírdan

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